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Sabrina Forscutt

Sabrina started this blog as a way to write about the things in life she finds beautiful; fashion, the world, and life. She is currently a senior at California State University: Northridge pursuing a degree in apparel design and merchandising. Her style has evolved from a multitude of sources; growing up in a rural country town, having an eccentric fashionable grandmother, and living large on a small budget. She is the queen of being #FakeRich and wants to help many others get to that point as well. She is a freelance personal stylist and costume designer. Recently working on an indie film as the head of the costume department, as well as writing a few blog posts for The LadyGang Podcast's website. 

When she takes a break from her life she heads off on vacations that she loves to document for the world to see. Her favorite vacations so far have been; the Amalfi Coast in Italy, Edinburgh in Scotland, hiking Masada in Israel, and relaxing in Bora Bora. Her dream vacations include, holding a koala in Australia, taking a safari in South Africa, celebrating Carnival in Brazil, and enjoying great food in Thailand.

Living in Los Angeles has it’s highlights which Sabrina likes to detail on her blog talking about all the wonderful adventures she has gone on since moving to the big city from a small country town in Northern California.

Stick around, you never know what adventure could be uncovered next.