Trick or Treat Trends: FASHUN

"For Halloween we should all go as the people we claim to be on the instagram." - Anonymous 

I love Halloween! It is an excuse to eat way too much candy, dress up as someone who is not yourself, and watch old disney channel movies on TV. So this year I decided to do a series of blog posts all about Halloween costumes! 



Many people have different ideas about how they represent Medusa in costumes, but for me I wanted to make her look super glam. I basically did a Greek Goddess look with a flowy white dress and gladiator sandals, then I dressed it up with different sized ribbons to make a belt and jewelry, and topped it off with a snake crown I bought on Amazon. 

The makeup for this look was whole heartedly about being as glamorous and gold as possible. We did a gold smokey eye, bronzed my skin, glowed out my skin with a gold highlight, and finished off the look with a metallic lip gloss. (Check out my make up artist's Instagram for more details.) 

Holly Golightly


I have to be honest, I chose this costume for the fact that I really wanted to wear a tiara... like really badly. So to put together this look you will need a black dress and black heels, which most girls already have in their closet, and then the decorative pieces to really transform the look. I got my cigaret holder and gloves from a halloween store and my jewelry, sunglasses, and tiara from Charming Charlie, but all of this stuff could easily be bought on Amazon. 

The Devil Wears Prada


This was one of my favorite costumes that I did! I felt so glamorous.... and it's a play on my favorite movie. This costume is also super easy! I pulled a red dress and some black block heels from my closet, I picked up a pair of sequined devil horns from a Halloween shop, and got some vinyl letters from a craft store to DIY this purse. 

A special thank you to my very good friend Leah who did a fantastic job as my makeup artist for this very long photoshoot! Check out her Instagram for more make up inspiration! Thank you for reading and stick around for the next couple of weeks to see all the other Halloween costumes I have to share.

Comment down below your favorite halloween movie!

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