Five Hats Everyone Needs

Five Hats Everyone Needs

Sun Hats

In the summer time sun hats are my favorite accessories, especially when I am at the beach. I have bleached hair and a family history of skin cancer, so for all the summer days by the pool or the beach Sun Hats are my go to. Also I'm super obsessed with the trend of buying ones that have sassy saying embroidered into them, I got mine in a boutique in New Orleans. 


I know that bandana's are not technically hats, but I love them, and they are very versatile, so I think that they make a great addition to daily life. They can be tied in multiple way to hold your hair back, used as a headband, and even used while off roading to help from inhaling to much dust. I got mine from Oli Rose Designs. She has so many different types of bandanas on her website, including a multitude of customizable orders. I often keep my custom sorority bandana tied to my backpack. 


Aside from boots, beanies are my favorite winter accessory. I may not get to wear them as often as I want, but anytime I visit home in the winter beanies are the first item packed in my suitcase. Not only are they super cute, they actually serve the purpose of keeping you warm in the winter. Beanies are made because we lose body heat mostly through our feet and heads. So keeping your head warm will keep you warm!

Panama Hats

A felt Panama hat is my go to going out hat. These are one of the only kinds of hats that are acceptable to be both dressed up or down. I can wear one of these hats to go to lunch and shopping with a friend or for a night out. 

Trucker Hat

Trucker and dad hats are my favorite for casual outings. Whether I'm wearing one with yoga pants, a sports bra, and some nike's on my way to the gym or I'm rocking some overalls and cute sandals going out to brunch, I love a good hat with a brim, not to mention who doesn't love a Rosé inspired hat while day drinking? 

What hats are you going to pick up next? Comment down below to tell me which hat you like best. Happy Shopping!


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