The LadyGang: How a Podcast is Changing Basic Bitch Lives Everywhere

“Be the source of your own success.” - The LadyGang

Follow the LadyGang on instagram: @TheLadyGang and LadyGangTV.

Follow the LadyGang on instagram: @TheLadyGang and LadyGangTV.

Three years ago I was scrolling through twitter and found out about a new podcast, originally named empire with an “f” at the beginning, The LadyGang. I listened to the first episode and laughed so hard it felt like I had just left a hard core workout. From that day on every Tuesday morning I would get my daily dose of The LadyGang.

The podcast was created by Becca Tobin, Keltie Knight, and Jac Vanek. They created the podcast because they wanted to tell the world what Hollywood is really like, especially the not so glamorous parts.

As the podcast started to grow into something more than just a weekly dose of humor, the ladies had to find a way to connect with their audience, so they started a “secret” Facebook group. Little did they know at the time that it would grow into a group of more than 24,000 members, who form an amazing community of women.

From this Facebook group these three ladies were able to form a bond between people from all around the globe that support each other, give advice, and empower one another. Not only have I personally made bonds with girls from this group, I have made friends that not only live across the United States, but the world.

I have met and planned get togethers with LadyGang members here in Los Angeles, I know that women are forming friendships and other Sub-Groups for major cities all over the world and are meeting up. In New Zealand I met up with some LadyGang Gals who had met and became fast friends just by meeting through the community that the LadyGang has built. Back stateside there are groups of gals meeting up throughout the country from right here in LA, to Chicago, Dallas, New York City, and possibly most notably Washington DC.

One of the ways that I have met so many fellow LadyGangers has been by attending live recordings of the podcast called LadyHangs, they have had two in the past two years, but will be having a whole tour of them this summer going to Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Washington DC, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Los Angeles (you can get tickets here). I am so excited to be attending a couple of them this summer and getting the opportunity to meet more women.

Follow the Los Angeles LadyGang on instagram: @LALadyGang.

Follow the Los Angeles LadyGang on instagram: @LALadyGang.

Soon after the LadyGang Facebook group was created, the ladies were asked to record a live podcast at Entertainment Weekly’s POPfest. I, along with a couple other girls were asked to pass out bumper stickers for the podcast and then get to be present for the live show. The night after the show I asked the ladies if I could do a recap of the day for the LadyGang blog, following that post the girls asked me to stay on and be the resident curvy girl fashion blogger. Getting this opportunity was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I couldn’t be more honored to have been a part of the LadyGang.

I formed, not what I would call a friendship with Jac, Keltie, and Becca, but it is this relationship that I don’t have the right title to describe. They are three famous and powerful women, who were really the first people to believe in me. I didn’t believe in myself, I thought I was okay at fashion, and it was something that I really enjoyed, but I never thought that I could even remotely have a future career in it. But these three women came into my life and they believed in me, so I learned how to believe in myself because of them.

I am not the only one that these women have touched or taught something to. Every week on their podcast they answer questions that fans write in and they say they give people bad advice, but I think they give people real advice that they need to hear, not necessarily what they want to hear.

One thing that I love about the LadyGang is that they are breaking boundaries, they are showing women that it’s okay to talk about things that most of society has told us we shouldn’t, or that worst of all because we are women and not men these topics are far from appropriate. They have taught me that it is more than acceptable to be myself, but that it is best to be myself, no matter if that means I swear like a sailor or I talk about how bad my period can be.

One of the best ways that these ladies have been improving Basic Bitch lives is they have guests that are knowledgeable about so many things, and we’re not talking about Hollywood gossip. They have had financial guru Nicole Lapin, skin care genius Kate Somerville, hormone expert Candace Burch, personal trainer Astrid Swan, culture icon Karamo Brown, OB/GYN Dr. Pari Ghodsi, ultimate businesswoman Alli Webb, and ultimate Hollywood producer Alexis Martin Woodall. All of these guests have brought messages of how to improve our selves, both mentally and physically, and messages of inspiration on how to keep going and achieve everything we want in life.

One of the greatest things that Keltie, Jac, and Becca have done while creating their business is giving women in the film industry a lot of opportunities. They made it a priority when hiring for LadyGang TV to have as many women on their crew as possible, and they succeeded. By them doing this they are helping future generations by proving that women in film are just as capable as their male counter parts, something that is a big struggle in show business. The best part of all?, they are all executive producers of the show.

As a longtime fan of the LadyGang podcast, I appreciate that the TV show has stuck to the integrity of the podcast. The TV show just has some added fun games, a pretty cool set in Keltie Knight’s house, and the girls are in full glam instead of their usual top knots and fresh faces.

The TV show is opening up a whole world where women can be on Late Night and talk about all kinds of topics, from Social Media (last week’s episode) to fame, pregnancy, lying, and on this week’s episode Marriage. The LadyGang brings in many celebrity guests every week and holds nothing back when they want to know something, being one of their guests isn’t for the faint of heart, and yet I know tons of people that would give their left tit for a chance to be in the same room as these women. Even if you aren’t on the guest list, you are on the Z-List every Sunday right from your living room, which we all know we would rather be there anyway. Catch LadyGang TV every Sunday at 11:00 PM on E!.

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Thanks for reading about these fabulous boss babes! I want to send a huge thank you to E! Entertainment and everyone at the LadyGang for this delicious bottle of Lady Grigio, I am so thankful to be among the individuals who were sent a bottle, I mean I was put on the same list as the Vanderpump Rules girls and glee cast members.

I can’t finish this post without promoting Keltie Knight, so everyone go follow her on instagram!