2019 Winter Lookbook

For as long as I can remember fall and winter fashion has been my favorite, despite the fact that I hate being cold. I feel that coats and boots just speak to my style… not to mention cold temperatures means more of my body can be covered, which is much more flattering.

No matter where you are experiencing winter, here are five different cold weather looks to give you all some inspiration.

City Chic in City Chic

Depending on how cold it is where you are, this outfit is one of the warmest outfits on here, Mid West and East coast I’m thinking of you when it comes to the warmth of this outfit. I am wearing my favorite pair of jeans from Torrid, a trick I learned is to wear a pair of legging underneath to keep yourself even warmer. For a pop of color that is still in a dark shade, I prefer darker colors in winter, I paired my jeans with this cozy and soft maroon sweater from Target. To really keep myself warm I am wearing this soft fully lined coat from City Chic. I enhanced this look with two different types of accessories, fashionable ones and warm ones. For fashionable accessories I added a gold circle belt from ASOS and some faux suede thigh high boots from Torrid. In terms of staying warm the best accessories are these leather gloves from ASOS and some furry earmuffs from Target. The outfit has some really chic aspects, but is also casual enough to wear on a daily basis, whether you are in a snowy town or a cold metropolitan city.

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Swoon for Sorel

Minus my fingers, most of me was warm and cozy in this look. I once again paired my basic jeans with a heather grey long sleeve tee from Target. I warmed up this look with my camel colored wool coat, I strongly believe this is a basic that every person should have in their closet. What really makes this outfit are the accessories, this thick pink scarf keeps me warm and adds that pop of millennial pink to the outfit. This hat is more about fashion than warmth, but as humans we do lose a large percentage of our body heat through our head, so even a simple wool fedora helps. The final accessory in this outfit are my Sorel boots, and I have a longer description of below.

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I found Sorel through a Hollywood event I attended, where they were including a free pair of boots. I chose this pair mostly because of the color. Ever since I got these boots in December I feel like I haven’t worn any other boots anytime I was in the snow or rain. Sorel makes their boots with the purpose of being a great shoe for outdoor winter activities. They have really great traction on the sole, which is great for me because I have a tendency to slip… a lot. They are water resistant meaning that they can be submerged in a puddle, but not large bodies of water, and should be left to air dry after getting wet before storing. The best thing about these boots is that they have a heel, but are still so comfortable that I can wear them all day long. I will forever only buy Sorel boots when looking for a great quality product that will last me a long time. To get the boots I am wearing click here, and to search all of their other boots click here.

Mop Sweater, but Make it FASHUN

I love a cardigan that can seam understated and simple, but that when is looked at closer it has a cool style aspect that makes it different. This super cute black cardigan has been nicknamed my mop sweater, due to all the strings looking like an old mop, but that doesn’t stop me from loving this sweater any less. This outfit is the perfect everyday casual look for a California cold day. To dress down the playfulness of this sweater I just paired it with a simple crew neck t-shirt in army green from Target and my favorite jeans from Torrid. I added a cute black bootie to tie together the look. While this look would look cute with a basic white or grey tee, I think having a green shade helped emphasize the cardigan and make it pop.

If you understand the reference to this looks title, please leave a comment with the name of whom the inspiration is from.

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Dressed Down Denim

For a winter day that isn’t as bone chilling this is the perfect outfit for running errands, doing some shopping, or getting lunch with the girls. I paired my black denim jeans with a black off the shoulder long sleeve body suit, topped it off with an oversized denim jacket, and completed the look with my favorite Adidas sneakers. I kept the accessories simple with my gold circle belt, small gold hoops, and this cute blush pink purse with gold detailing.

I’m obsessed with bodysuits when wearing a belt I want to show off, tucking in often leaves lumps and lines under the pants, so a body suit avoids that issue. If I am out and about for most of the day and I want to be comfortable my go to shoe is a sneaker, but my personal favorite is Adidas.

Noteworthy Night Out

I kind of stepped out of my comfort zone with this outfit, I don’t often wear multiple bold pieces in one look, but this look I did and it ended up working out very well. I started with this really cute stripped jumpsuit that I normally wear in the summer and added a mesh undershirt below it. I have also worn this look with a black turtle neck underneath so I would recommend that as an option for people in colder weather locations. I topped the look off with my favorite black leather jacket from ASOS, my favorite boots, and my gold circle belt instead of the patterned tie that came on the jumpsuit.

This outfit is slightly more dressed up than an everyday outfit, but switching out the mesh undershirt for a black sweater or turtle neck would make this a great outfit for an office job, or leave the mesh for a fun date night or girls night out look.

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Thank you for reading, I hope you got some great winter fashion inspiration. Leave me a comment below with which look you like the best. Until next week when I go over winter white, keep warm!