A Thank You Letter to my Ex Best Friend

A Thank You Letter to my Ex Best Friend

Recently my roommate, best friend, and future bridesmaid started a blog, she talks about her life and how things in her life influence her. She was the person I needed as a friend at the perfect time in my life. She has taught me how to let go and move on, because pain and anger bottled up is only going to hurt yourself. So I wanted to write a letter to the person who’s friendship I lost changed my life.

Dear Ex Best Friend,

When I was in high school friendship was not an easy thing for me to keep and nourish. I have a total of two friends left in my life from high school. One lives in South Carolina and we are currently on a 33 day snapchat streak. The other lives in the same city as me, but we never really see each other. But they are better friends than I deserve.

When I left high school I had two girlfriends who I was inseparable with, to a point where I left university because they convinced me that was the best decision for my life. Well a lot of things happened that lead up to them deciding they didn’t want to be my friend anymore, but that is what they decided. And at that time I was so sad, I was heartbroken, I thought these people were the friends that would last until the day I died. But now over a year later I have never been more thankful for them ending that friendship. You see, them ending that friendship is what made me decide to return to school in LA. Being alone made me connect to people on twitter and make new internet friends. Being alone in LA again made me realize that I need to make new friends, which lead me to Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi, the sorority that gave me not only new friends, but sisters. Because of that friendship ending my life became happy again. I found out who I was and who I identify with.

Getting to a point where I was happy, is what got me to figure out what I wanted to study, open my horizons by listening to podcasts, and opening up to my creative side again by blogging.

So thank you to my Ex Best Friend because, if it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t have my own independent life in Los Angeles, I wouldn’t be studying what I love, I wouldn’t have the AMAZING friends I have, I wouldn’t have my monthly column for The LadyGang, I wouldn’t have a job as a costume designer on a film, and most importantly I WOULDN’T BE ME!

So thank you for trying to break me, because it made me a stronger, more determined, self confident, and beautiful person.


Your Ex Best Friend

Originally posted on January 13, 2017.