Trick or Treat Trends: Best Friend Costumes

Trick or Treat Trends: Best Friend Costumes

“Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn, and cauldron boil.” - William Shakespeare

I started this series two years ago, where I do one Halloween blog post a week for all of October. So welcome to my favorite time of year, Spooky Season! Sit back relax and look forward to twelve new Halloween costumes every Wednesday in October.

This year, I wanted to showcase women’s friendships and how important they are, so I enlisted the help of my very best friend Mikaela. We recreated some iconic TV and movie icons to showcase our friendship. So without further ado, here are 3 best friend Halloween costumes for you and your best friend to celebrate spooky season together.


Velma and Daphne

Few things are as iconic to my childhood as Scooby Doo, so when the opportunity to dress as the ever fashionable Daphne Blake arose, I had to take. Not to mention Mikaela had already gone as Velma Dinkley in the past, so she was just as excited about the costume idea.

This costume is actually pretty simple to put together, especially because purple is on trend for fall and winter this year. The more difficult aspects of the costume can easily be found on Amazon or at your favorite costume store.


The basics need for this costume;

  • Orange Sweater

  • Burgundy Skirt

  • Brown or Burgundy Shoes

The chic details needed;

For Velma’s hairstyle, it is a simple bob. Mikaela already had her hair cut to a bob and she is already a brunette, but if you are going for the full vibe of this costume try this wig from Amazon. Velma has very simplistic makeup, so throw on your normal makeup routine and throw on some mascara.


The basics need for this costume;

The chic details needed;

Daphne’s hair is a bright shade of ginger, this is great for anyone that is a natural red head, but for the rest of us this wig from Amazon is the perfect replacement. For her makeup, a fresh face with a hint of extra blush and some pink lipstick.

For the full attitude of both of these costumes make sure you are pointing out all the spooky aspects at your Halloween parties.

Peter Pan and his Shadow

If you and your bestie are looking for something really simple for a last minute costume, try being Peter Pan and his Shadow. The whole look can easily be put together with items already in your closet, and with a couple easy DIY with cardboard and construction paper or a quick stop at the halloween store or one day shipping with Amazon.

Peter Pan

The basics need for this costume;

  • Green Leggings or Pants

  • Long Green T-Shirt

  • Brown Shoes

  • Brown Belt

The chic details needed;

Though this costume doesn’t involve hair and make up, you can have fun with it if you like to do make up, for Peter Pan try doing some gold glitter as a way to showcase pixie dust.

Peter Pan’s Shadow

The basics need for this costume;

  • Black Leggings or Pants

  • Long Black T-Shirt

  • Black Shoes

  • Black Belt

The chic details needed;

For the alpine hat used for the shadow, I bought two of the recommended ones and spray painted one black. If you wanted to go full shadow try getting black body paint and cover your face and neck (or try a black full body suit).

For the cardboard dagger try drawing them on cardboard and cutting them out, paint one with a silver blade and a brown handle and one all black, for them to be stronger cut two layers of cardboard.

For this costume make sure that you are mimicking each other’s movements throughout the night to help people see that you are indeed the same person.

Marty McFly and Doc Brown

This wasn’t our original choice for our third Halloween costume, but it turned out to be 100 times better than the original idea. It was very late at night about 5 days before the shoot and I was in a mild panic, but then Mikaela the wonderful friend she is sent me the idea that we should be Marty McFly and Doc, and thus this epic costume was born. While this costume is only made up of simple items, due to the complexity of the different seasons and kooky pieces this costume will take some extra care to accomplish.

Marty McFly

The basics need for this costume;

  • Burgundy Tank Top or T-Shirt

  • White and Black Checkered Button Down

  • Denim Jacket

  • Red Puffer Vest

  • Skinny Jeans

  • White Sneakers

The chic details needed;

  • Fitbit or Apple Watch

  • Sunglasses

  • Holographic Baseball Cap (recommended)

Since this costume has no hair or makeup, take the night off from makeup and have fun with this comfy and casual costume. We didn’t have a holographic hat, but I have linked one above that would really put this costume over the edge. If you wanted take this costume to the next level add this hoverboard as a prop.

Doc Brown

The basics need for this costume;

  • White T-Shirt

  • Hawaiian Shirt

  • White Lab Coat

  • Kahki Chino Pants

  • Black Combat Boots

The chic details needed;

Doc doesn’t have any makeup, but he does have crazy and wild white hair and most of us don’t have that, so try rocking this wig.

Doc is seen in the movies to have multiple watches up his arm, so I have included a link above to a pack of 6 watches so you can get the full look. Round out the look by replacing the laces in your combat boots with these red ones.

To put on the attitude of these characters, make sure your Marty McFly is free spirited and your Doc Brown is slightly neurotic.

Mikaela and I had the most fun playing Halloween music on set for these costumes, and we hope that you and your besties have the best time celebrating Halloween this year! If you and your friends recreate any of these costumes make sure to tag me on Instagram so I can see them!

In the comments below let me know what you and your friends do for Halloween every year!


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