Trick or Treat Trends: Fierce Fashion Finds

“Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends.” - Kate Spade

Two years ago I started writing four Halloween blog posts a year because I was obsessed with the art of dressing up and had just come off working on a film and wanted to expand my creative outlet. I’ve heard that after something is done every year for three years it becomes a tradition, so welcome to my Halloween tradition. This year we have some truly amazing costumes planned and I can’t wait to share them all with you. So check back every Wednesday in October for all 12 of this year’s costumes.

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld is arguably one of the most iconic people in the fashion industry, from his own line to being the creative director of Chanel. He was a visionary who really knew how to dress a woman. Doing this fashionable halloween costume was previously done by Hollywood stars such as; Kendall Jenner, Ryan Seacrest, and Josh Duhamel. While this is a pretty simplistic costume, the details are what makes it so chic.

The basics needed for this costume are;

  • A White Button Down Shirt

  • A Black Blazer

  • Black Pants (Jeans or Leather)

  • Black Boots

The chic details needed;

  • A Black Tie

  • A Jeweled Pin

  • Black Motorcycle Gloves

  • Large Black Sunglasses

The hair is a big part of what makes this costume obviously Karl. My suggestion is to either buy a wig, click here for my suggestion, or color spray your natural hair, this is the color I used. If you are going to go the hairspray route I suggest getting at least two cans for the best all over coverage. If you are spraying make sure that you tease the hair and put it in a pony tail before you put the color on.

For make up, I just used my normal foundation and did my make up as normal, but just didn’t add my usual bronzer as a way to appear pale as Karl was. While most of us won’t want to wear sunglasses all night long no eye makeup is needed for this look.

To really put on the attitude of Karl, make sure that you wear a tight non-smiling look and are standing up straight and if you do break character and smile make sure you smile big. A part of the costume that will help put on the attitude of Karl is to stiffly starch and then pop up the collar of your white button down.

Edna Mode

I think many of us millennial kids have favorite Disney movies from our childhood, that are now getting a renewed emergence with sequels and live action remakes. One of my favorites is The Incredibles, of course I would love the Disney movie that has a chic fashion designer like Edna Mode. Her wit and classic lines have made her a scene stealer since the early 2000s. This costume can easily be made with items in your closet, but it can also be more complicated considering she has a very specific look.

The basics needed for this costume are;

  • Black Leather Dress

  • Black Long Sleeve (best with ruffles)

  • Black Thigh High Boots

The chic details needed;

  • Red Necklace

  • Cigaret Holder

  • Black Circular Glasses

Edna Mode’s character is known for her short black bob with bangs, I am wearing a wig that I got from Amazon. This black bob will also work well if someone who already has black hair wants to do it for themselves, buy a pair of clip in bangs and tuck and pin your hair under to create a fake bob.

The make up for this costume is just my basic everyday make up with nothing but a fresh face and some mascara.

Edna is a classy and sassy fashion designer so the attitude is all about embracing the sassy and make sure to always purse those lips like you are being just a little bit judgmental.

Met Gala Barbie

This may be my favorite costume I have ever done. My obsession with fashion and particularly the Met Gala is what inspired this costume. This year’s Met theme was CAMP, and the second that Kacey Musgraves hit the red (or pink) carpet in her Jeremy Scott for Moschino hot pink leather jacket gown, I couldn’t pick my jaw up off the ground. I had this look stuck in my head for weeks after the gala and the second it was time to start planning my Halloween costumes for 2019 I knew that I wanted to do this look. So I set out to find all of the pieces that I was going to need for such an iconic look.

The basics needed for this costume are;

  • Hot Pink Leather Moto Jacket

  • Hot Pink Leather Skirt with a Slit

  • Silver Pointed Toe Stilettos

The chic details needed;

  • Statement Teardrop Silver Earrings

  • Pink Hair Dryer Purse

  • Pink Cat Eye Sunglasses

  • Long Pink Fur

For this look, I couldn’t find a floor length pink leather skirt, so I made my own; I bought the material from Joanns. To create the skirt I wrapped it around my waist and attached a belt to hold it closed, for a hem I used double sided tape to have a clean edge and not make it too long and dragging.

For the hairdryer purse, I bought a hair dryer at the thrift shop and cut the wire off. To turn it into a Barbie dream purse I attached a metal purse string I got on amazon, with hot glue to the handle and back top of the vent, I then spray painted the whole hairdryer for the full pink look.

Since Kacey is known for her long and luscious dark brown locks, she wore a blonde wig for the full Barbie aesthetic. I got the wig that I was wearing from Amazon, and for the price it was really good quality. I placed it on my head a little off from center so it would have a side part look to it.

This make up is all about being bronzed! I started with my normal make up routine, but added an extra layer of my favorite hula bronzer and a bright pink blush. For eye make up do a light pink simple eye shadow and black winged liner. Finish off the look with a bold and bright pink lip!

I had the best time putting together these very fashionable looks for this year’s costumes. If you recreate any of these costumes or the ones from previous years make sure you tag me on instagram so I can see them!

Let me know which of these are your favorite, and what fashion ICONS you would want to see in the future.


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