Hollywood Highlights: Late Night Talk Shows

Living in LA has proved to be trying at times, and granted it’s not always as glamorous as it is portrayed in the movies. But sometimes really fun and cool things happen, sometimes it just takes a couple of years to get acclimated to the atmosphere. My new series Hollywood Highlights will give you a look at the great times living in the City of Angels.

Earlier this year I was given the opportunity to go to Jimmy Kimmel Live! It was a special experience because my mom pulled all her strings and got us the VIP treatment. So for my twentieth birthday my best friend, my mom, and I partied hard in the green room at Jimmy Kimmel. This experience was actually really fun. If only for the fact that I didn’t have to stand in line out on Hollywood Blvd. While I looked very cute, the night started out a bit rough when just the walk from the parking garage to the stage door resulted in loosing half the skin on the bottom of my feet, so as I sat on the sidewalk next to a brick building and waited for new shoes it hit me that hollywood is not that glamorous. Luckily once inside the experience got much better.

Once you enter the stage door you wind your way through the backstage area getting the chance to see the highlights of Jimmy’s time on television, from Johnny Depp to Taylor Swift. The green room is furnished with seating, televisions, and even a personalized pool table. In addition to the nifty wristband you are given upon entry, this is there key to whether or not you get alcohol or not, you are welcomed with finger foods and drinks to your delight. You feel special in this back room like you have a secret from the rest of the world, and in a way you do. You have the experience of seeing how things run, and then walking out the door after the show and realizing most of the people you know will never have that type of experience. Then you slightly feel like a pompous ass hole and are smacked right back into reality. It’s a really entertaining experience to be in the audience of a live broadcast. Jimmy has an opening comedian, that in all honesty is not that funny and kind of a jerk, but hey what are you gonna do. So I just tuned him out an enjoyed the experience. The most interesting part is realizing how small the stage is. It’s so small! They bring in and out the furniture for every show. I realize now that there is a lot of movie magic that happens on this show. The night I was there the guests were Jason Sudeikis and Lionel Richie. I think having guests that I didn’t really care about was best for me, I don’t think that I could handle being backstage had the guest been someone from glee or Scream Queens. All in all I would say that this was one of the best birthdays, especially when I got to finish it off with staying in a suit with my best friend while staying up all night and watching ourselves on TV.

Now James Corden was a totally different experience! I spent the beginning of that day taking a chemistry test and ended the day with my roommate cleaning our apartment after they sprayed it for bugs. Now granted that kind of day would normally be really awful, but alas that day will go down in history for me. I got to bring my twin, this is a term in sorority life that we use for two sisters that share the same big, with me to see the person on this planet you all know that I am completely obsessed with… LEA MICHELE.  Of course the day we go is the week of this heat wave, it was like 100+ degrees. Lucking out in getting the priority seating, we showed up and got to sit in the front row of the risers. Seeing Lea that close in person was possible the best day of my entire life. She is so perfect, and an end result of the day was my idol Brad Goreski ended up replying to my tweet and complimenting my outfit. I don’t think I have ever screamed as much as I did that night. I was so happy to have the experience of seeing Lea and meeting some of the girls in the Lea Michele fandom, especially my girl Cassie!

Thanks to everyone who joined me on these crazy journeys and I couldn’t be more excited for future adventures with you all.

Here are a few outfit ideas if you are headed to a late night talk show, in the winter or the summer.

This is the outfit most similar to what I wore to Jimmy Kimmel. It was February, so a jacket felt necessary, I forgot to take into consideration that it was also Los Angeles. If you are in a city that is colder, try pairing the outfit with tights and booties. I like a classic little black dress for almost anything, it was just nice to add some color with the pink leather jacket. Some nights you just feel the need to be a little edgy and girly at the same time.

This outfit is more like the outfit that my friend Ayla wore to Jimmy Kimmel. When I was styling Ayla for Kimmel I wanted to dress her in something super cute and very true to her own style. She tells me that she still wears the jacket I bought her.  If there is one thing for winter that you should invest in it would be a great jacket. I personally have invested in like 12 great jackets, but I never have the chance to wear them anymore. For your first good jacket I would suggest a black leather one, they are very versatile and will keep you warm.

I have gotten to a point where I own way to many clothes and shoes, I am trying to cut my self off. So I bought a dress that I had been lusting after for about five months, so when it finally went on sale I bought it. I wanted it so bad because the cut was so different and the neckline was one of the coolest dresses I had ever seen. I wanted to style something so cute when I went to James Corden, I mean if there was a small chance I was going to meet Lea Michele or Brad Goreski I had to look perfect. So the outfit to the left is styled based on my look

The other outfit option that I had in mind to wear to James Corden was to wear an all black jumpsuit. Which inevitably was kind of what my twin wore, she was wearing a black top and black pants. I love my black jumpsuit, it is the perfect piece to throw on with a pair of heels for a nice dinner or a holiday event. The greatest part about a jumpsuit is that it is good for winter or summer. In the summer rock it with some heeled sandals and in winter throw on a coat and some heels. You could even dress it down with a denim jacket and sandals. But had I worn this to The Late Late Show I would have rocked my all black jumpsuit with a pair of silver studded heels.

If you are ever in LA I highly suggest going to visit one of these shows. The experience is so much fun and you will be just like so many other tourists. Getting tickets is super easy, check the website 1iota for tickets.

Until next time enjoy the fall weather wherever you may be and be excited for all the fall and winter posts to come!

Originally posted on October 3, 2016