Hollywood Highlights: The Mayor Panel

Not only is The Mayor on my fall must watch list (trust me that is not a short list) it is on the must watch list of; Glamour Magazine, People Magazine, Huff Post, US Weekly, and USA Today. Not to mention E! Online called it the best new comedy of the year.

My excitement came early this year when I got to use my Paley Center of Media membership to see the episode before it premiered. (You can watch it before it airs now.) The show centers around Courtney Rose (Brandon Michael Hall), a young aspiring rapper who decides to run for mayor of his hometown. He proves the narrative that so many millennials are still living at home with their parents, by still living with his mom Dina (Yvette Nicole Brown). In a surprising turn of events he becomes the mayor and brings his best friends TK (Marcel Spears) and Jermaine (Bernard David Jones) on to work for his administration, proving that some high school friendships never end. Enter the oppositions representative, Valentina (Lea Michele), who once defeated jumps ship to the winning side to learn that Courtney may actually end up being the perfect fit for this Northern California town. 

Executive produced by Daveed Diggs (Hamilton and CLPPNG) and Jeremy Bronson (Grandfatherd) the show is both relatable to millennials and so funny that every generation will totally laugh out loud, no seriously it's so funny your sides will hurt. If you are looking for a show that is going to entertain you immensely and make you think at the same time this is a show for you. 

Often as millennials we don't care too much about the political climate we are living in until it is too late. That is why this show is so relevant. This show is opening up the dialogue that we should stand up for what we believe in and make our voices heard. And they are showing this in the best way possible, by bringing down the politics to the grass roots, everyday level of what is happening on city councils across the country. 

Aside from the fact that the topic of the show is poignant in the realm of the world we live in today, it is still a show that is meant to be a laugh and poke fun at the millennials that are coming into the world as adults. My favorite line from the pilot is said by Courtney when talking to his mom about why he is running for mayor, "Why does anyone in my generation do anything? ... Attention." This in it's self points out the fact that most millennials, like myself, care more about finding an ounce of Instagram fame than anything else. Now I'm obviously not saying this is every millennial, but it is a large percentage of them. 

Many of the actors on the show are up and coming stars. Brandon, Marcel, and Bernard are all; charming, attractive, and exceedingly talented young men, who are going to be household names within the next five years. 

Brandon Micheal Hall is not only a phenomenal actor and rapper (I mean the man went to Juilliard) he is probably the most humble person I have ever met. He is so kind to the fans, he has replied to me every time that I have mentioned him on social media and he some how recognized me in the audience of Paley Fest. I just hope all the snacks I got him made it to set. 

Marcel Spears maybe starting his TV career on The Mayor, but his comedic talent is what will keep him in work for the rest of his life. He is by far my favorite person to watch on the show, and honestly he is the biggest scene stealer, look out acting world he is going to take scene stealer male at the next teen choice awards. 

Bernard is 100% going to be the voice of reason on this show. He was in a fraternity so he's part of the Greek community, yay greek life! I also couldn't be a fashion blogger if I didn't talk about how amazing his sense of style is, the vest he wore to Paley Fest was covered in zippers and the coolest thing ever!

This cast has impeccable style and I can't wait to see all of their future press they do, seeing what they are going to wear is going to be a highlight for me. Go look at Brandon's Instagram to see the awesome shirts that the boys wore to the ABC Tuesday Night Block Party.

I am very excited to hear the Bay Area rap that is going to be in the show, written by Daveed Diggs and the CLPPNG guys, with some help of his Oakland friends. Music is a big part of the show, it helps tell the story in ways that sometimes can't be told any other way, I heard a secret that Yvette is actually a pretty good singer, and is going to be featured on some of the tracks. It's still to be determined if Lea Michele is going to to be singing, but Jeremy Bronson did say "music is such an integral part of the show", so you never know who will pop in for some vocals. 

*Fun fact, my best friend and I can rap half the songs on his Small Things to a Giant album.*


To say that I'm HELLA excited for everything about this show would be an understatement. This Northern California girl is ready for a full season of The Mayor and all the NorCal slang that comes with it. Make sure to watch it on ABC, Tuesday's at 9:30 PM starting on October 3rd.

Comment down below what fall TV shows you are watching and why I should watch it too.