Stylist Sabrina: Inside My Home

"Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love." - Nate Berkus

I just moved into my own apartment and have spent every waking minute for the last two weeks making sure that everything was perfect enough for me to show all of you. 

When I started formulating what I wanted my apartment to look like, I needed to focus on the colors that came in the apartment to begin with. I'm a renter so I can't change the wall color or the carpeting. So I chose to use neutral tones and shades of brown and tan, lots of wood, and accenting with faux fur and gold. 

My process when buying furniture and decorative pieces for my home was to do it as cheaply and on theme as possible. So how did I do it? It's all about finding a sale, looking at lower price point stores, and shopping at thrift stores. To find sales the best time to do this is around holidays, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Black Friday. Looking at furniture stores, start in the clearance section! When I bought my couch, side tables, and coffee table I got all of them in the clearance section at Living Spaces, this was the best possible way to getting furniture that both matched my aesthetic and didn't break the bank. My two bookshelves and TV stand were both from Target and are build your own pieces. Build your own pieces are both cheaper and really not that hard to build compared to pre built furniture. Thrift shops are the BEST places to look for accessories for a room. They most often won't cost more than ten to fifteen dollars and can easily be revamped with a coat of paint. 

The piece of artwork over my couch is an idea I saw on Mr. Kate's OMG We're Coming Over. I knew that it was exactly what I wanted for my living room the moment I saw it! It was super easy to make and it feels really great knowing you made something on full display in your home. In addition to the painting I took every photograph in my apartment on my trip to Paris. 

My number one trick is, start with a Pinterest board to brainstorm everything you feel is your style and then start figuring out what you are going to buy first to decorate around. 

Here are some decorative pieces from my living room:

For how tall I am, I felt that it was really important to have a table that was tall and had stools versus a regular table. This table is from Living Spaces and I spent a little more on it than I had planned, but some items that are great quality, match your decor perfectly, and are exactly what you want... you have to spend some extra money. 

I believe that the best store to buy all of your art decor is Home Goods. That's where I got the metal art piece above my dining table. Go there for more reasonably priced art for the walls. 

The number one kitchen gadget, in my opinion, that everyone should have is a Keurig! A Keurig is something that can be super basic and cost you around $50 or more advanced machines at $100+. Mine is a slightly more expensive one. Thank you mom for your old one! Now I can't have hot drinks with out a great mug, and all of mine are from Jac Vanek

A final touch I like to add to a room is fresh flowers. They add something to a room that makes it feel more like home and feels very lived in. If you take care of your flowers they can often last a week or two. I buy mine at Trader Joe's when I do my grocery shopping. 

Here are my dinning and kitchen decor pieces:

I wanted the feel of the bathroom to be different than that of the living room and kitchen. My main goal was for it to feel glamorous and as high fashion as I could. I did this by using black and white as the color scheme and sticking to simple patterns and solid towels. I brought in a hint of my fashion background with a painting of a woman in a gown. I added a ribbon to tie back the shower curtain as a way to make the bathroom look more feminine. 

The part I really wanted to get right was the tray on my counter. I got a black acrylic tray and loaded it up with all of my necessities. I started with the silver hairbrush set that made it to the U.S. with my great-grandmother from the old country. They have been passed down through the generations and it was important to me to have them on display. I wanted to have a candle for a relaxing evening, an apothecary jar to hold cotton swabs and pads, a vase of fake roses (that way I don't have to worry about them dying), and my favorite champagne scented lotion. 

I hope this post gave you some ideas on how to do your own decorating. Feel free to message me about help on your next decorating project. Comment down below if you want more blog posts of me doing different styling projects (both clothing and homes). 

Much love, Sabrina!