The Museum of Ice Cream: Los Angeles

One of the greatest things about living in a city compared to the small town I grew up in is that there are tons of museums to go to, but the coolest one yet is The Museum of Ice Cream in Downtown LA. While it is made up of many art exhibits, it maybe the coolest place I have ever been in my life, which maybe the reason it is sold out through October and why they have extended the run so many times. For my friends and I we bought our tickets in April, but our tickets were for July 7th. There are so many different themed rooms, as well as so many different ice cream's to try. My favorite room was the LA themed room, but my favorite ice cream was the mint chip mochi! 

I think the greatest part of this museum is how much it is designed for the modern age, not that it is full of technology, but that it is really designed with millennials in mind. As people who grew up in the begining of the digital age we think about how we are going to get our next Instagram picture. Well this place is basically an Instagram gold mine. The best part? You can spend as much time as you want in each room taking as many photos as you want, well except the sprinkle pool. 

So if the Museum of Ice Cream comes to a city near you get tickets as soon as they go on sale so you can experience the amazingness that is this museum. Follow them on Instagram and head to their website to shop their merchandise and keep your eyes peeled for more tickets going on sale.  

Who's up to go get some ice cream now? Comment down below with your favorite ice cream flavor. Also comment down below where I should go next!