Trick or Treat Trends: Squad Goals

“In girl world, Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” - Mean Girls

I started this series last year, where I do one Halloween blog post a week for all of October. So welcome to my favorite time of year, Spooky Season! Sit back relax and look forward to twelve new Halloween costumes every Saturday from now until All Hallows Eve!

I wanted to preface this post by saying I will not be linking to specific item due to how many people are in each costume.

Mean Girls

Mean Girls.jpg

Mean Girls is probably the most iconic movie of my generation, the millennials that is. Almost everyone that I know can sit around and quote the movie like there is no tomorrow, or work “fetch” into any situation. Congratulations Gretchen, you made fetch happen.

For these looks my friends and I did our best to go off the promotional shoots for the original movie, but a fun twist could be each characters most iconic looks or even taking inspiration from the new musical on Broadway.

These looks are really easy to accomplish, just by what most of us have in our closets, not to mention that early 2000s make up is super simple. For any member of the plastics as long as you have an all pink outfit and some kitten heels (which are only allowed on Halloween) you are set. For Cady Heron a black skirt or wide leg jeans paired with a red tee or long sleeve quarter button up. But of course we can’t forget Janice, tons of black, an army style jacket, and a band tee make the perfect outfit, and some dark liner and colored streaks in your hair will finish off the look perfectly.

Frat Boys

Frat Boy.jpg

My friends and I all being alumnus of our sororities thought it was a funny idea to poke fun at the frat guys that we know. So dressing up as the stereotypes that are given to frat boys just seemed so natural. Scarily enough I think we all did a pretty good job at being these guys. By no means are we trying to be offensive or say that this is all frat guys, we just wanted to have a little fun.

The basic idea for this look is to wear a button down shirt, khaki shorts, boat shoes or loafers, and a backwards cap. Bonus points to getting the button down in pastel colors. If you want to add a prop to this costume, try adding in some red solo cups.

Criminal Disney Princesses



This group costume was the most fun I had putting together! We always think of the princesses as being the good girls in their films, but what if after the final credits role, they are found to be the villains of their own story.

In addition to turning these princesses into some villains, we modernized them from their classic cartoon look. Modernizing not only makes the costumes more comfortable for modern day, it makes putting together the looks so much easier.

Each princess has their own styles and color schemes; Elsa has an edgy style, with dark colors and cool tones of blue and purple, Cinderella’s style is preppy and her scheme is light blues and black, Rapunzel has a sporty look and dresses in shades of purple, Aurora (sleeping beauty) has a sexy casual style and has a color scheme of pinks and neutrals, Belle has a trendy style and has a triad color scheme of yellow (her signature color), blue (denim), and red (roses), and finally Snow White has a classic style and also dresses in the primary colors, but focuses more on the blue and a more golden yellow.

Below I have placed all of the placards we used, and some we didn’t, if you want to do this costume.

I had such a great time putting together all of these looks and can’t wait for you all to see what’s to come. If you recreate any of these looks please let me know, especially if you do the princess ones!

I want to add a special thank you to all my friends who helped out by being featured in this post, and for letting me control how you dressed for a day. A generous thank you to my friend Leah for doing most of the princess make up looks!

Leave me a comment down below letting me know if I should do more group costumes next year, or if I should do couple costumes.