Exploring the World: New Orleans

"If you love New Orleans, she'll love you back." - Drew Brees 

For spring break I headed to New Orleans to take in the culture, the music, the booze, and the food. I have been waiting ages to finally get to this city and it may be one of my favorite places I have visited. The city is divided into different neighborhoods, and each have something special about them. My favorite is probably the Garden District, while the French Quarter is the tourist destination of NOLA (the architecture is amazing), but the mansions and the parks in the Garden District are absolute works of art, no wonder they used it so much in Scream Queens. 

Most people who know me know that I am entirely obsessed with Scream Queens so on my adventure I had to look for as many locations as I could, luckily most of them were on the Tulane University campus. Let me tell you, if I could go back and start college over I would have done everything I possibly could to attend this school. I think that New Orleans would have been a great city to have lived in.

Not only was Scream Queens filmed here, but my mom's number one obsession, NCIS: NOLA, is filmed in the heart of the French Quarter. So we had to take a walk by and see the entrance to their office, a simple gate right next to a vampire shop. Because of this simple gate I found out where I get my deep fangirl obsession gene. 

My favorite thing about traveling is getting "lost" in a city. I want to worm myself down back alleys and find cool places off the beaten path. I think New Orleans may be the only city in the United States that is able to be explored this way. I have been to so many different places in this country, but nothing has compared to the exploration that comes with this city. 

While walking is the main mode of transportation in the Quarter, you may want to check out the street car when you are out in the Business and Garden Districts. The street car gives you both a historical and sightseeing experience of the city. If you are tired of walking uber is super reliable in this city, the airport even has a special pick up location just for uber and lyft

The architecture is the best I have experienced in all of my travels, nothing else compares.

The best part of all of the walkways is that they are lit by gas lamps, day and night. 

Just past the French Market is the river walk. While the mighty Mississippi is not clear or blue, it is still beautiful in it's own right. If you get the chance I 100% recommend taking the Natchez Steamboat to get a full view of the river and have a nice relaxing afternoon. 

So this is probably the most touristy thing you could possible do, but honestly it's worth it. Cafe Du Monde makes fresh beignets and coffee. The coffee was so good I went back multiple times on our trip. There are two options when visiting; take a seat inside and share some beignets as a family or go to the takeout window and share the beignets in Jackson Square or the waterfront.

Boutique hotels in the Quarter are beautiful and there are all of the bigger well known chains in the financial district, but we chose to go with an AirBnB on our trip. We love the ability to have a whole apartment to ourselves. I had my own room with a balcony and a king sized bed, I'd say I was living in luxury. An AirBnB might be your go to choice in a location like this, especially if you can get one as centrally located as ours (on the corner of Gov. Nicholls and Decatur). 

If I can look this happy in this much humidity then you know NOLA is a fantastic city. I'd love to hear your favorite part about New Orleans in the comments below, or where you think my next US adventure should take me.