Five Accessories Everyone Needs

Five Accessories Everyone Needs

Accessory: (n) - a thing that can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive. 

Everyday we wear some form of accessories. I know I wear at least two everyday. An accessory can be the one thing that can bring an outfit from drab to fab. Adding accessories to an outfit as simple as jean and a t-shirt really changes the lazy look to casual chic. 

Here are my five must have accessories! 

Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces may be my favorite trend right now. Whether you are a gold, rose gold, or silver kind of girl either one will look great. The best way to layer is to start with a choker and a long necklace, then find the middle necklace so that you can make sure it is in the middle of the two. The layering look is easy to do with all sorts of necklaces, but it is best done with dainty pieces of jewelry. You can often buy layered necklace sets, but I much prefer to put together my own layers. The necklaces I am wearing are; choker from my LadyBox, bar necklace customized on etsy (a gift from my best friend), and the long necklace was passed down to me from my mom.

Sun Glasses

My motto on sunglasses is that you can never have to many pairs. So, buy any and all you want. The hardest part in finding sunglasses are making sure that the frames fit your face properly. So I’m here to help with that! 

If you have a heart shaped face the best frames for you would be; a retro square (think the classic ray bans.), cat eye, and sport (think olympic volleyball players.). 

If you have a round face the perfect sunglasses for you are; retro square, cat eye, and square. 

If you have an oval shaped face try; retro square, aviators, and oversized. 

If you have a square face you should be wearing; round (we are talking 70s hippie.), aviators, and shield. 

To find your truly best fit go on the Sunglass Hut’s website and do the simulation asaway to measure your face!

Check your fave celebs Instagram's to find a coupon code for DIFF eyewear.

Black Handbag

While I know not everyone buys designer handbags at the rate that I do, I think that investing in a good handbag is the best route. Especially if the color is BLACK. A black handbag is one that you can carry with you with any outfit. This bag is the handbag that I carry with me everyday. I love the classic shape, the color never goes out of style, and the dual straps are nice to have. Dual straps are my favorite!


Scarves are a staple in my wardrobe no matter what the season (well not summer). In the fall I like dark burgundy and burnt orange colors, in winter I like big fluffy knitted ones, and in the spring I love light weight floral ones. Scarves are their own form of jewelry in my mind. They can add an extra pop to any outfit, as well as keeping you warm when it is cold outside. Buying one scarf for each season is my greatest advice, that way you are prepared for any outfit that needs the extra pop of color.


I know that most people use there phone as a way to tell time, but I love watches. Not only are they extremely useful, they are a beautiful piece of jewelry! A beautiful watch says a lot about you to the world. I believe that a watch really helps me in feeling more powerful and ready for the work force. Head over to and listen to their podcast, there maybe a coupon code for some of these watches!

I want to know what your favorite accessories are, let me know in the comments below. If you have any questions leave that in the comments as well. Also I will be doing a celebrity street style post coming up so please send me any outfits you would love to see me recreate!